Europacific Bank

Euro Pacific Bank Ltd. is the parent company of Euro Pacific Intl., Euro Pacific Advisors Ltd., Global Trading Ltd., and Euro Pacific Funds SCC Ltd. The companies were formed in order to provide superior international banking services and better serve Peter Schiff’s non United States investor base through a platform of unique investment products.

Euro Pacific Bank differentiates itself from other offshore banking alternatives by providing excellent client-focused service and support. Although the bank uses convenient cutting-edge online banking technology, they do not subject clients to a web of interactive phone menu systems and online help forms. Euro Pacific Bank clients can easily reach their personal private banker via phone, email and Skype or call the bank staff during normal Saint Vincent banking hours.

Peter Schiff, the firm’s founder and Chairman, is known for his vocal and unpopular bearish views of the U.S. economy, voiced prior to the 2008 financial crisis, many of which were outlined in his 5 bestselling books, including “Crash Proof: How To Profit From The Coming Economic Collapse.” Mr. Schiff leads our experienced and diverse team of managers, researchers, consultants and support staff – a team that is literally scanning the globe for investment opportunities – by endeavoring to deliver the highest possible value for our clients.

St. Vincent Islands
Young Island, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Our Investment Philosophy

At Euro Pacific Bank, our Private Bankers are ready and able to provide you with recommendations based on Peter Schiff’s economic analysis and our team’s deep insight into emerging markets and non-U.S. dollar denominated assets. The following topics outline the bank’s investment position on a number of key economic subjects.

To leverage our investment philosophy the bank offers a number of structured products through our mutual fund and managed account programs. Investors of all sizes can gain access to Peter Schiff’s investment philosophy through these products.